For as long as I have been doing this job, I am always awed by the talent that there is, in this industry. When I hear and see past guests, that were on the show, are collaborating for another project and are crushing it creatively. What is that project you ask? Who is it with? Simply put it is called Finding Gossamyr.

It was created by writer Dave A. Rodriguez and artist Sarah Ellerton (Inverloch, The Phoenix Requiem). Published by Th3rd World Studios. We can’t thank them enough for the teaser pages and I can easily say that you won’t be disappointed.

Basic Summary: “With a blend of Math and Magic, a young boy and his guardian are transported to a world where anything is possible and the boy is the key.”

I’m hooked. When this gets published this should be on the top of your list and is available for purchase July 2012
Pick this up for the family, for those younger children that want to read a family friendly comic.