I have gone to many conventions and with the upcoming C2E2 next week, we will be this year as press thanks to the wonderful people at ReedPOP. We’ll also be doing our video 250th interview as well. The best part about this convention is that I will be finally video interviewing Kevin Bandt, creator of The Carriers, for whom I have had the pleasure of reading his first three volumes of a great series. Here is his much anticipated review.

When you get these novels you are immdiately thrown into a world where mystical powers are the normal, not technology or military strength. For a time, everything was right in the world. Then some carriers because unhappy with the others and wanted to rule the world. Others just wanted to help humanity and protect them.

We are given this little bit of back story and then are thrown off a floating castle into the world. This series definitely knows how to make an enterance.

The writing of the first three volumes really does keep the story moving at a brisk pace. Not too fast, but not lagging behind either.

The character developmeent is well done and in this type of ongoing war, you really don’t know who to trust. Even if you think you are rooting for the right faction, is that truly the right choice?

Up until volume 3, there isn’t any real fighting you get the back story, some character interaction and the various powers one can take control of, but not much more than that. I have been assured by Kevin that volumes 4 – 6, will more than make up for the first three volumes combined.

Art style is a nice mix of bright vibrant colours and unique character designs, in a world that is semi-desolate due to the wars that had occured when the Carriers were first created. The characters are unique as well, each with a personality of their own.

Should you pick up these volumes (all volumes) when you see Kevin at Chicago’s C2E2? Yes, yes you should. Why? Because you’re supporting a talented creator with a unique and fun story.