Fan Expo Canada is the largest Canadian convention that you will ever attend. With it brings the hopes, dreams and ground breaking ideas all from various genres. It’s a place where you can be yourself whether you are 10 or 90, if you happen to love comics, film, and games.

It was last year at Fan Expo that I was doing my Video interviews and I happened to pass by a well done booth labeled A!H Comics. Here I met Writer, Michael Tymczyszyn and Artist, Andy Stanleigh. It was a fun interview and I picked up their book, TITAN: An Alternate History.

Usually, when I read a comic book there is just one well done art style, solid writing and you can easily go through a book and get the idea. As soon as I started reading it, I saw not one, but four art different and distinct styles. Added to that points in history from the view of one man, living his life almost at the cusp of greatness, only to be betrayed and lose it all in the end. Hundreds of years of failure from the view of the Huns trying to invade China; Losing the election in 1900’s pre-industrial America; Battling the Crusaders as a champion of Saladin; Back to present day man working his way to become the president; The scope of this book, even at Volume one, could easily be said to be epic.

As I said the art style isn’t just one style, it’s four. One per time-line / memory as it were. The Pre-industrial 1900’s has a gritty quality to it with hues of yellows and browns, showing the dirty quality of life that was back then, when a country was young and trying to build itself up. The Crusade era was a dreamy water colour approach to a land built on mysticism and stories of the past. The Huns storyline as dark as the blizzards they traveled through and bloody as being mowed down by the Chinese defending the Great Wall.

The writing in this comic shows you how a man, no matter the year, decade, century, one that is driven to greatness, has a hint of madness as well. This begs the question, do you believe in past lives? While this book won’t answer that question, the depths that the character of ‘Titan’ will go through is staggering and this is only the beginning. The art brings you in but it’s the writing that makes you flip the pages and keep reading.

This story is entertaining, thought provoking, and if anything it will make you want to see how history was written. As someone famous once said: “The Winners are the ones that write history” That’s all going to change, because I can’t wait for Volume 2.