For Immediate Release:
Webcomic Artists Unite to Fight Hunger

Montgomery, IL (USA) – October 20, 2011 – What happens when you combine two passions? For Kurt Sasso, of Ontario, the end result was a 100-page cookbook that benefits hungry families in these trying times.

Kurt Sasso is a huge fan of comics, particularly those found on the internet called webcomics. It is a growing market and Kurt founded TGT (Two Guys Talking) Media in response to a growing desire to interview webcomic artists. Producing a weekly podcast for over three years, Kurt found a recurring theme: food. Who doesn’t love a good recipe now and then to get those creative juices flowing?

Kurt knew he wanted to combine cooking and comics and the result was “Webcomics: What’s Cooking?”, a 100-page full color cookbook featuring 47 recipes with accompanying comic from some of the best webcomic artists in the market today. There was an element missing. Kurt’s long time co-host on the podcast, Byron Wilkins, from Montgomery, Illinois, came up with the concept of creating the book to donate funds to national food banks in the USA and Canada. The idea was now complete!

Organizing nearly 60 artists to create a comic based on their favorite personal recipes was a challenging and rewarding chore in itself. As each new comic and recipe were added, the book took one step closer to becoming a completely unique fund raising item. The cookbook features recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers and Beverages. Each recipe has a custom comic that you won’t find anywhere else.

“There’s something for just about everyone,” Sasso commented from his home studio in Ontario, Canada. “Even you if can’t cook there are tons of really funny comics in the book. Whether you’re a chef, comic geek, or a family that wants to have fun in the kitchen, you’ll find something to like in the cookbook.”

“I know first hand what the economy has done to family incomes,” Wilkins added, “and I wanted the project to be more than just a collection of comics and recipes, I wanted it to have an impact, even a small one, on the fight against hunger.”

For more information, please visit for sample pages or to purchase on-line.

About TGT Media:
TGT Media, Sasso’s company located in Ontario, Canada, started a dedicated website for the cookbook and created the theme “Feeding Families, City By City”. The proceeds of the sales of the cookbook are being donated to the national food banks of America and Canada. So no matter where the buyer is from, some family in North America will benefit from the sale.

About Kurt Sasso:
Kurt Sasso graduated St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario in 2001 with a Computer Science degree. In 2008 he turned his passion for reading comics into his business by creating an internet radio show called TGT Webcomics. With hundreds of shows under his belt, he has started working the comic convention circuit and can be seen doing video interviews at a convention near you.

About Byron Wilkins:
Byron Wilkins graduated Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois in 1979 with a degree in Mass Communication. He worked briefly in the Broadcast News industry before turning to the corporate world where he honed his media and business skills. In 1986 he started his first company and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since. In the 1990s he won several awards for outstanding productions for companies like Caterpillar, Inc., Prudential Insurance, BP Amoco, and John Deere. He now works from home consulting local municipalities about video techniques for the internet and draws the webcomic “1977 the Comic”.