Over this past weekend, my lovely wife and I had a chance to attend our first Wizard World Convention in Philadelphia, needless to say it was a great experience, but where still trying to figure out what was better… the convention or the great place we found to eat just a few blocks from the convention! Reading Terminal Market was awesome!!! So very large, and so many choices, we’ve made up our minds that we are going to have to take a weekend trip back to Philly just so we can go eat!

Sorry got side tracked, food does that to me. Anyway we got to spend our Saturday first fighting off a blown out tire, and once we made it to wizard world we got to lovely opportunity to stand out in the heat for over a hour, I only state this because Wizard World did let con goers buy there tickets online, (which we did) but had a very ass backward system of letting people in. It was evident that people who paid at the door we vastly more important, as they were buying their tickets for a extra 10 dollars and were able to bypass the last 20 minutes of waiting.

Once inside we got a chance to see some truly great artist and art work, and hang out with many really great cosplayers. In all it was a good experience, and the jury is still out on if we will attend next year or not.

In the mean time, enjoy some of the pictures of the festivities.

there were more pictures, but the computer said no to the uploading process at this time… maybe it will like me more later…