Whenever I hear Led Zeppelin’s The Immigrant Song, I think of the Vikings coming to the new world. But, you must wonder; “What was it like before they traveled to the new world?”. That brings me to today’s spotlighted author Jarmo from the autobiographical webcomic Finn-strip.

While he’s not from the ancient days long forgotten he brings to life what Finland is all about from his perspective. I can safely say that I’ve been on a European kick of late in terms of reading webcomics and Finn-strip has without a shadow of a doubt been added to “The List”

What is it really all about?





a slight dislike of Sweden (putting it mildly) – No comic put in because I love all webcomics and may have a Swed or two on the show in the future 😉 sorry Jarmo…

Love of other webcomics

Everything in between.

There are many autobiographical webcomics out there: Peeling Onions, and Allan this one is another must read.

In reality it’s hard to spotlight an autobiographical webcomic that’s already spotlighting itself. Really, the only thing I can do for those that are reading this spotlight today is to say that Jarmo has talent. You can see that from when he first started to his style now he can only get better.

Jarmo also has taken the time to create another webcomic called Insect Life.

But, wait there’s more! I was able to speak to Jarmo to ask him what’s up and coming with Finn-Strip and what plans he has for the future. Here’s what he had to say.

Project Wonderful ad space on the F-S site is part of it. Finn-Strip is at Comic Rank pages now.

I’m gonna start doing guest strips for people more. Finn-Strip Facebook Group will have a bigger and better part of promoting the fan/reader base. Basically, I’m gonna promote the strip more and more!

I have a small FanFlow (assetbar.com – link is on the bottom of my webcomic site). Donations are accepted and commissions as well.

Store will open closer to the end of the year – maybe in the beginning of December to hit the x-mas markets 🙂

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