A great friend of mine from the Red vs. Blue website named Elnea creates a webcomic using Halo Action Figures and it’s called: Halo Action Figure Theater (HAFT). While many would say it’s not a traditional medium to be considered a webcomic, say “pshaw to that”. I mean it has Spartans, Elites and even Chuck Norris in it. How is this not a great webcomic?

If you truly believe that then you are limiting your scope and would take out great comic mediums like Union of Heroes. Plus you would be falling into the trap of webcomics are better than other webcomics and that’s how print media feels these days; but, I degress. Onto the comic!

Our story take us through the Chronicles of Steve and Lois. Lois is one of the Spartans that is part of Spartan Team Monkey Pirate-Five (MP-5) with her love interest Steve… who is a bit different…

he’s not Jewish and he’s Canadian….

From here the story twists and turns and even after the love of his life is gone and he doesn’t know where to turn he decides to end his life… only to… well you’ll have to read:

What will really grab you besides the detail of the characters is the fact that everything is miniature. The set design is done to a professional and dare I say type-A quality, that shows El is making this webcomic to give the reader the right atmosphere.

I mean tell me the last time you saw Uno cards on this type of scale?

This webcomic is about the writing. Elnea puts everything into this There are subtlies in every panel and there is defintely the classic example of foreshadowing from pages past show up and with everything that is going on you can see her love of the sci-fi genres.

Besides HAFT though, Elnea is an accomplished musical composer and with her counterpart in musical crime OboeCrazy (another veteran of the RvB scene & professional Oboist) through the website of Tai-Chi Knees they have created many memorable songs as well as videos like the popular Halo video:

I Want Master Chief:
I Want Master Chief

So, in closing, if you like Halo, or Chuck Norris and there are other characters that I have purposefully not shown you like Steve’s Mom and the love interest of Chuck Norris, then go ahead and read this webcomic. Enjoy each panel and the amazing writing that Elnea has done on this comic as it’s actually in the process of finishing up.

Get your dose of Halo Action Figure Theatre today!