There is a beast that lurks in all of us. Some suppress it. Others embrace it. For you never know when the WereGeek will strike. It could be innocently at first. Reading your first D&D book; playing a game of Magic: The Gathering; Then you get into the Table top games and eventually Larping. But, there’s hope and we here at TGT want to nuture that side. So, we found Alina Pete author of WereGeek to be on the show and feed your need for all things geek.

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, AlinaP, amuletts, elderlyapple, fin_jarmo, spark, action bastard, channelate, tim fischer, guest 5 – 6

Various Website URLs: – Alina Pete webcomic – Alina blog / random life webcomic – MUSH what it is – Attended by Alina these past few years – Favourite webcomic of Alina – Jennie Breeden’s webcomic – Jennie Breeden’s Geebas webcomic – Cute african hedgehog of Alina’s one of two – More hedgehoggie goodness! /squee – Girl Genius Online – Schlock Mercenary by Howard Taylor – Order of the Stick – Narbonic
All of the Half Pixel crew

Other Websites discussed: – Superfogeys iPhone App – Requiem: Spiderforest 5th year anniversary June 7th – 500th strips and counting – TGT spotlighting Mysteries of the Arcana – Epic Fail Amuletts – InsanityofXade aden storyline – Finn Stripp Jarmo stopped by DA site – secondary webcomic of Jarmo – Main strip

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  1. Aldo Mucci

    Thank you for an awesome webcomic. My inner-geek is satisfied 🙂