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It has been over a year since we last had Brock Heasley on the podcast. Not only is he still going strong with Th3rd World Studios and Super Fogey’s he’s added another webcomic to his list of accomplishments (with some amazingly talented people working with him) in the Zuda Comics submission called MONSTERPLEX!

Special Guest Co-Host is Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic

Podcast Summary:
Host(s): Kurt Sasso (โ€VertigoXโ€)
Special Guest Co-Hosts(s): Byron Wilkins (“tr1guy”)
Special Guest(s): Brock Heasley
Discussion Topic: Super Fogeys & MonsterPLEX
Length of Podcast:

Guests in Channel:
Brock Heasley (Samaritan7)
Paul Ogden from MoonCity
Greg Giordano
Guest 6 – 11

Various Website URLs:
Shattered Myth Contest! – six prizes, one winner – Scavenger Hunt

Other Website URLs:
Genuine Draft
Woody After Hours
PC Weenies
Astray 3
Wes Molebash’s Max vs. Max


Chat Room Log:
VertigoX – Tonight’s episode is with Brock Heasley from Super Fogey’s and MONSTERPLEX
VertigoX – Super Fogey’s can be found at
VertigoX – MONSTERPLEX where you can vote and favourite for this is the last week is at:
VertigoX – Register at Zuda Comics
VertigoX – Log in
VertigoX – Favourite the comic
VertigoX – and comment on it as well
VertigoX – hello Samaritan
VertigoX – aka Brock Heasley
VertigoX – heya Paul Westover, jeremiah Witowski, and Paul O from Moon City
Samaritan7 – Hey, what’s up everybody?
VertigoX –
VertigoX – heya DungeonWarden
jeremiah – hi everyone
VertigoX – heya Jeremiah
paulwestover – hi all!
VertigoX – As always any questions for Brock about Monsterplex type them out and we’ll read it
VertigoX – Monsterplex questions?
paulwestover – do you think competitions on Zuda is more about competing in a popularity contest?
VertigoX – good question Paul
paulwestover – i try
tr1guy – Ugh, window rebooted.
tr1guy – Good Question Paul…
paulwestover – thanks
VertigoX –
paulwestover – im kinda surprised they don’t let them see the votes–maybe it allows for some leeway for Zuda in picking the winner
VertigoX – 4 things
VertigoX – looking at votes
VertigoX – adding to favourites
VertigoX – how much traffic
VertigoX – Star Rating
VertigoX – 1- 5 stars
VertigoX – comments, how much discussion are you getting
tr1guy – Contacted former Zuda winners…
VertigoX – In the last 48 hours, you can switch your votes. Need a wonderful push
VertigoX – Oh, you can do that at anytime
VertigoX –
VertigoX – Once win, you become a DC Comics
VertigoX – You are then contracted to make 52 total pages
VertigoX – First season is written out and everything is outlined and they are ready to get things ROCKING! With your votes and help
VertigoX – hey Siabur
paulwestover – is it a substantial enough contract to support the creators involved?
VertigoX – Are you talking Monetary?
paulwestover – ya–I have no idea as I havent really looked at zuda
tr1guy – Ding Ding! Plug! WAH!
paulwestover – lol
VertigoX – quick! what’s (250 x 52) / 3
paulwestover – 4 pages a month?
VertigoX – cash wise
paulwestover – thats not bad
siabur – Okay, I can hear now!
VertigoX – wb ๐Ÿ™‚
VertigoX – Mr. Hole?
VertigoX – Ryan Hull
siabur – Super Fogeys is the best take on superheroes ever.
paulwestover – lol–I thought we were headed toward A. Hole
Samaritan7 – siabur–thanks!
siabur – Ouch!
Ginpu – Please no sparkles…
Ginpu – rock on
VertigoX – wb ๐Ÿ™‚
VertigoX – I didn’t lump Twilight and Monsterplex together I know Monsterplex is way better ๐Ÿ™‚
VertigoX – anymore questions for Brock about Monsterplex? Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
paulwestover – its the internet–you cant give them an excuse to complain like being late
VertigoX – GOALL!!!! Crosby scored! 4 USA – 3 CANADA
siabur – An update schedule is your contract with me to get me to read.
VertigoX – Good call Siabur totally agree with that
VertigoX – Where are you from Siabur?
siabur – Cyber
siabur – Colorado.
VertigoX – do you do a webcomic?
paulwestover – do you have a plan for a big promotional push at the end?
VertigoX – Just asked him ๐Ÿ™‚
VertigoX – PW Ad campaign
paulwestover – i noticed!
VertigoX – PaulW 2 – VertigoX 1
paulwestover – clearly I’m delayed–and I mean my audio!!
siabur – Comic is Genuine Draft at
VertigoX – Plug the website and Monsterplex
siabur – What was the inspiration for SuperFogeys?
VertigoX – TL Collins –
tr1guy – We’ll ask that next siabur…
VertigoX – Krishna from
Ginpu – Sorry. Firefox keeps crashing out…
VertigoX – its ok
siabur – Ahhhhh dern browser crashing….
VertigoX – Eldon Cowgur begin_of_the_skype_highlightingย ย ย ย ย end_of_the_skype_highlighting – from Astray 3 –
Ginpu – Just hope it doesn’t happen when I’m the one being interviewed in April…
VertigoX – You’ll be in Skype so you’ll be fine
VertigoX – Digital Strips Podcast
VertigoX – Wes Molebash! Wooo
Ginpu – True…
VertigoX – Origin of Star Maiden
VertigoX –
VertigoX – Wes Molebash’s new comic
VertigoX – Life, Faith and Relationships
VertigoX – It’s in 3D!!!!
siabur – New LEGO’s!
VertigoX – We talk PIXAR
VertigoX – Take my breathe away ๐Ÿ™‚ classic song
VertigoX – that and lady in red, you’ve lost that love and feeling
VertigoX –
siabur – I’m back again! Crash….
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
paulwestover – haha–theres your spoiler
tr1guy – ๐Ÿ™‚
siabur – All will be revealed: No one wheres pants.
siabur – wears, wears…
VertigoX – ๐Ÿ™‚ All will be revealed with a big “Censored” around it
VertigoX – Any questions about Super Fogeys?
siabur – That’s the way I used to draw my comics. Light boxes rule.
paulwestover – its walk-em
VertigoX – I don’t draw so I really don’t know.. that like a projector to help with your lines?
VertigoX – Wa-com
siabur – There’s no undo on paper.
VertigoX – Yes there is
VertigoX – Eraser
VertigoX – unless you ink ๐Ÿ˜‰
paulwestover – white-out
VertigoX – lol
DungeonWarden – It’s weird to look at my hand while I’m drawing
paulwestover – ya–you have to change all those settings
siabur – So Brock is a Fogey when is comes to drawing?
DungeonWarden – I’m backwards that way
VertigoX – Baltimore ComicCon
VertigoX – Dawn Griffin, TL Collins, Th3rd World guys were met there
VertigoX – Baltimore ComicCon.
VertigoX – Spoiler Segment
VertigoX – MonsterPlex first
VertigoX – Super Fogey’s
paulwestover – am i the only one who lost audio?
VertigoX – If reading six wives of Capt Spectacular. Swifty had a serious relationship with one of his wives!
VertigoX – reload Paul
VertigoX – heya Greg!
VertigoX – post your Webcomic URLs
Greg Giordano – hi folks- i listen from time to time- i thought i’d check out live
tr1guy – Thanks Greg!
Ginpu – and again kaboom… ::sigh::
VertigoX –
paulwestover – lol
siabur – Genuine Draft
paulwestover – could for page views ๐Ÿ˜€
paulwestover – good*
paulwestover – duh
tr1guy – ๐Ÿ™‚
tr1guy – It is a good concept!
tr1guy – We should steal it! ๐Ÿ™‚
Ginpu – Yays free plug. hehe
Greg Giordano – shucks
tr1guy – Thanks all!
tr1guy – ๐Ÿ™‚
Greg Giordano – i’ll listen to the posted episode
siabur – Have a good night all. Good luck Brock.

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