There comes a time in everyone’s life that they must choose what they want to do. David Reddick is one of those people. From his webcomic Legend of Bill; To Garfield; To Star Trek and many others, to say that David is talented is an understatement. He’s a genius! I know we will have a ton to talk about in terms of himself and his art processes.

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, David Reddick, tr1guy, Bettebloo, DrunkenFools, DungeonWarden, Frumph, Glennzim, Joelduggan, Mike Leuszler, OnyxSparrow, robotbeach, Savannah, SCoffin, Siabur, Willows_Grove, Guest 7 – 35

Chat Room Log:
Mike Leuszler – Hi.
Savannah – Hello 🙂
Samaritan7 – Hey, what’s up everybody?
Mike Leuszler – Kurt, you swear on my show. lol.
VertigoX – every so often Mike 😉
Samaritan7 – Anybody wanna place bets on how long it takes David to figure out how to sign in?
VertigoX – I’m more worried about the Skype login first
Mike Leuszler – You work your own hours and have the dumbest boss ever. lol.
Mike Leuszler – I’m also self employed.
Samaritan7 – Oh, is he doing it over Skype? Ah, whole new set of problems.
VertigoX – not really…
siabur – Hey all!
MaskedManor – Hey hey.
Samaritan7 – David is one of many who works on Garfield, from what I understand.
Bettebloo – Hey x3
DrunkenFools – Arr!Arr!
Bettebloo – He’s in charge of the color orange, I believe.
Samaritan7 – haha. nice.
joelduggan – Hi all.
Bettebloo – All says hi.
VertigoX – 😀
VertigoX – Hey all
Samaritan7 – Hey David, I don’t know how long I can be on here, but don’t forget mention the joint David Reddick/Brock Heasley announcement landing on Tuesday.
Samaritan7 – And if David isn’t on chat, can one of you guys mention it to him before the podcast starts?
Bettebloo – Joint announcement…preggers?
Bettebloo – Betty Bluuuuuu – jeez.
Samaritan7 – Yep, they’re pregnant and it’s a hermaphrodite!
DrunkenFools – Howdy!
Bettebloo – You owe me a major plug for that pronunciation.
Bettebloo – – where you can make it up to me.
Bettebloo – siabur….please stay. 🙂
DrunkenFools – Webcomic Planet is being revamped as we speak! I’ll need coffee 😛
joelduggan – Sure can.
Bettebloo – We can see what you’re wearing.
Savannah – Hello! 😛
Samaritan7 – Hey David, I don’t know how long I can be on here, but don’t forget mention the joint David Reddick/Brock Heasley announcement landing on Tuesday.
Bettebloo – Love the pink tutu.
siabur – EEEWWWW!
Bettebloo – Great plug. Now say I look good for my age.
Willows_Grove – hullo hullo
Bettebloo – C’mon, siabur…hang in there…
Willows_Grove –
siabur – I keep loosing audio when flash crashes.
Bettebloo – Dang. That’s annoying. I just like you coming and going. Very entertaining.
Samaritan7 – David, don’t forget to keep your pants on.
Bettebloo – Can I get anyone anything? Something to drink?
siabur – Then when I reload the page, the window to type in doesn’t appear.
DrunkenFools – I can’t believe I’m on coffee
Samaritan7 – Samaritan7 = Brock
siabur – Not fond of the me.
DrunkenFools – Maybe I should put some Bailey’s in it
Guest 14 – YO YO everyone!!
siabur – So he’s way cooler than us Kurt?
Guest 14 – lol
VertigoX – As always any questions type them in here and we’ll read them off.
Frumph – Yo.
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX – hey Phil
Frumph – @tr1guy heyyy i’ve been tring to get a hold of you. *eyes you*
Frumph – yo
VertigoX –
Willows_Grove – *ducks under Phil’s laser eyes*
Frumph – greaat, hate it when client crashs
VertigoX – ya
siabur – Trek Life was the only reason I would go to ST frequently.
VertigoX – Night’s of the Dinner Table
siabur – Don’t want us to be any more jealous…
Frumph – Whats the airspeed velocity of an unladen OnyxSparrow?
OnyxSparrow – Vertically or Horizontally?
Frumph – heh
SCoffin – Hi Dave, Steve Coffin here. Is there going to be another Legend of Bill compilation Comic in the pipeline? What are your future plans for LOB?
SCoffin – Hey Dave 🙂
Willows_Grove – great, talkshoe spam
OnyxSparrow – Indeed…
Frumph – and there it goes again
Frumph – new browser this time
OnyxSparrow – Yeah Talkshoe is just a little unstable.
Willows_Grove – it isn’t stealing…it is borrowing;)
VertigoX – its only stealing if you get caught 😉
siabur – Hey that Lego set could be used in my comic, must buy it.
Willows_Grove – amen
OnyxSparrow – Plagiarism is a form of flattery
Willows_Grove – homage not plagiarism 😉
Frumph – *cough* Garfield.
Willows_Grove – gotta be hip to the lingo of thievery
Bettebloo – I believe it’s thievership.
SCoffin – your head is in Garfield? ouch!
siabur – Do you write and draw Garfield?
robotbeach – Question: What does Dave do with the Garfield gig?
Frumph – ..quick segway away from garfield, heh
VertigoX – We’ll get to Garfield for sure 🙂
SCoffin – Frank!!! He rules
SCoffin – Oo! When is it coming?
Willows_Grove – cool
Willows_Grove – the grim reaper is the only one who can snatch it away…cackles
VertigoX – He’s a fan of LOB
Frumph – Whats the coincidence factor with Legend of Bill and Dave the Barbarian ?
Willows_Grove – i need a monetizng mentor… 😉
VertigoX – Guest 17, we’ll get to your questions in a bit
SCoffin – I hear ya 🙂
Frumph – both have the same mental state and both ahve pet dragons, etc..
Frumph – Sue Disney!
Willows_Grove – the talk show host?
Willows_Grove – or ex talk show host
siabur – Barbarian: Anyone who wasn’t Roman. Just sayin’.
Willows_Grove – how ’bout animals on a ship out in space? 😉
SCoffin – What is your creation process for LOB? How do you get your ideas?
SCoffin – Lutu Warrior of the North is my comic
VertigoX – URL?
SCoffin –
robotbeach – I’m framing my sketch card.
Frumph – For murder?
Frumph – I can help you with that.
SCoffin – Nice the horizontal worked well with the first comic 🙂
OnyxSparrow – What is your opinion of children’s card games?
Bettebloo – Love Lutu – 🙂
robotbeach – sorry. hehe.
VertigoX –
VertigoX – We’re bringing you in Guest 17….
SCoffin – thanks bettebloo
Willows_Grove – hooooo!
VertigoX – wb Joelduggan
SCoffin – Did you like the new Star Trek?
Bettebloo – Fan Boy – HA!!!! I am SO making that a new character.
Bettebloo – Fan Boy: The Strip
robotbeach – He tried to save Dave money on his hotel.
Willows_Grove – insanity
siabur – Ewwwwwwwww.
Willows_Grove – ack more talkshoe spam!
Frumph – <talkshoe> Enlarge your member with WebComics, find out how!
MaskedManor – Amen, Dave. Finding the time and energy is more than half the battle.
MaskedManor – Haha Frumph!
VertigoX – heh goood one
jessieofborg – I was Glad he answered my question (I was guest 17) I met david at a trek convention my first one after I Got injured in Iraq….
jessieofborg – he was the first trek celeb i met
VertigoX – awesome-sauce Jess 🙂
Frumph – most thundarr the barbarian sketchs i’ve seen have been renamed “he-man” after it was finished
jessieofborg – HAHAHAHAHA!
siabur – 20 year 4 pack a day smoker sound?
Willows_Grove – you need a beer hat
joelduggan – Same problem here in Nova Scotia today David.
VertigoX – I know
SCoffin – oo! Beer hat!
Savannah – Hehe XD
Frumph – Mormon’s who go door to door must LOVE you
SCoffin – Yeah, I gotta go find the balance. Cheers for the interview Dave.
Willows_Grove – i always give them a “Crying Game” moment, Phil
Willows_Grove – since i work mainly in my bathrobe
siabur – Good plug Mike, hit him up whle he’s here!
OnyxSparrow – Heh
Savannah – I… do not see a connection between D&D and kids card games XD Other than the fact they are both fun.
siabur – You can smell the nerd when you walk into the shop?
Bettebloo – HA
VertigoX – Where’s the Mountain Dew?
OnyxSparrow – I think the connection is about the ideas of strategy and comparing stats. Cardgames are a lot like roleplaying but on a army level.
Frumph – I want to cast .. Magic Missle.
VertigoX – At what?
Bettebloo – I need to play card games. For balance.
siabur – Would you like to see Legend of Bill in a card game?
OnyxSparrow – Cardgames FTW
joelduggan – David, can you talk about your process a bit? Traditional, digital, how you use them in combo. 🙂 Thanks!
Willows_Grove – buffer
Frumph – @vertigo_x at the Darkness
VertigoX – heh
jessieofborg – it is hard to be a parent when you wanna have a life
Bettebloo – Hey, Fan Boy…When stripping, do you follow a set storyline or does the story happen more organically as funny stuff occurs to you strip by strip?
jessieofborg – oh no I lost the audio!
VertigoX – reload
Willows_Grove – stripping…lol…the stripping cartoonist…good side job to get
Frumph – You would do what Frumph’s doing…
Bettebloo – You missed that he said he’s worthless.
VertigoX – bow chicka bow wow
Willows_Grove – candygram…stripping cartoonist….landshark
Bettebloo – HA
Bettebloo – I meant “creating your craft” – obviously.
robotbeach – Bill collector? Ah! They are following me everywhere!
Willows_Grove – thank jebus for caller id
Bettebloo – “Is that a notebook in your pocket?”
siabur – List item #4, Pee in the toilet today.
Bettebloo – Ha….
Willows_Grove – bah!…wear depends and you’ll never have to leave the art table
Bettebloo – You can get Depends with toons on them.
Willows_Grove – mr magoo depends
jessieofborg – TOGA! HAHAH
joelduggan – I was thinking bikini clad barbarian babes… but I guess I’ll buy the French Maid story
VertigoX – Joel… for now you’ll accept it… 😉
Willows_Grove – cries
jessieofborg – this is my total teeny bopper side Glee should commission you for all of their stuff….ill die a happy webcomic fan
Willows_Grove – why do they have to make those so expensive? lol
MaskedManor – Later all… gotta run!
VertigoX – night MaskedManor whoever you are
jessieofborg – I missed the UStream
Willows_Grove – who was that Masked Manor? 😉
VertigoX – As always, put up your URL’s with http:// in front of it for the show notes if you have to go.
jessieofborg – are you always quick witted with the lines that characters say?
VertigoX –
Bettebloo – ?
VertigoX – not sure
Bettebloo – is Ruben Moreno – likey.
jessieofborg –
VertigoX – yup nice comic
Bettebloo – Like pointey hair.
jessieofborg – I HATE MAC! I LOST IT AGAIN!
VertigoX – its TS Jessie
jessieofborg – 🙁 guess I will call it quits this is 3rd time. Thanks for the fun in the calls
joelduggan – Do you miss not/never having original art to sell?
Willows_Grove – I still can’t get my lines right with a tablet…is it easier to get smoother lines with the cintiq?
robotbeach – I do it. Love it. will never change.
VertigoX – <Bettebloo> When stripping, do you follow a set storyline or does the story happen more organically as funny stuff occurs to you strip by strip?
Willows_Grove – so dang $$$ for me to get one 🙁
siabur – I’d probably spring for a Cintiq if I drew my comic.
Willows_Grove – $2k
siabur – Just spent @2k for a MacBook Pro, so it wouldn’t bother me for a Cintiq.
Willows_Grove – unfortunately my strip doesn’t make coin to spend
siabur – I don’t have readers to even make money.
Willows_Grove – get out of my head talkshoe!
VertigoX – <talkshoe> Karl, you should stop thinking about… “Monkey”
Willows_Grove – dnag! I’ve alwats wanted a monkey
Willows_Grove – dang, too
jessieofborg – lol
VertigoX – <joelduggan> Do you miss not/never having original art to sell?
Frumph – Agreed.
Willows_Grove – el kabong!
VertigoX – <jessieofborg> are you always quick witted with the lines that characters say?
joelduggan – cool – I wasn’t sure if that was part of your business plan etc.
joelduggan – Ah, very cool.
Frumph – *cough* new comicpress has buy-print built into it
Frumph – *cough*
Bettebloo – Ignore if you saw Q earlier – net connection lapsed – 🙁 What do you do when you start a storyline or find yourself in a storyline you don’t like?
jessieofborg – OMG….this sucks….
Willows_Grove – i need to revamp my website then for new comicpress…chuckles
OnyxSparrow – Gah! They’re in my BRAIN!!!
jessieofborg – I Want a better computer <mutters death threats to my audio stream>
Bettebloo – I have supermodels in my brain.
VertigoX – you do blo?
Willows_Grove – i have small mammals in my brain
VertigoX – Bloo?
Bettebloo – bluuuuu
jessieofborg – we love long answers
siabur – Johnny Quest was always a favorite.
VertigoX – Archer
siabur – There was a Gummi Bears cartoons, Disney.
joelduggan – Thanks for answering so many questions David. Have to head out. Thanks to the TGT hosts as well. Cheers!
VertigoX – np Joel
Bettebloo – Yes
Bettebloo – Already begun….out there…
siabur – I ran in to that problem and cut 3 months off the story just to get it done.
Bettebloo – Good to hear it’s not just me…even if the answer was obvious.
Willows_Grove – the old “bad dream” ending
siabur – Explosions work good to end a story too.
Bettebloo – ha ha ha…I have a character I need to explode.
VertigoX – two seconds Jessie 🙂
VertigoX – let me know when you’d like to ask a question
VertigoX – Non-member is technically first
jessieofborg – What do you do to cure writers or “drawing” block
jessieofborg – no no just decided to call to listen cause I keep loosing audio
VertigoX – hey msjmb
Bettebloo – Ah…diversion….brilliant….
VertigoX – kk
Willows_Grove – oh look a kitten
Bettebloo – Look for elevator shaft – character falling down – three strips away.
siabur – I just buy a new Lego set to see if it can inspire some new ideas to get rid of the block.
siabur – No pun intended.
VertigoX – mix and match your logo characters and go with it 😀
jessieofborg – artsy fartsy HAHAHA!
siabur – I have nearly 800, so mix and match is a possiblity, minifig wise.
Bettebloo – Alcohol cures writers’ block.
Bettebloo – Step away from it, play a video game…all while drunk.
VertigoX – Go make yourself a Chicken Bacon Sandwich of Awesome!
VertigoX – we have the recipe on TGT Webcomics
siabur – Build a website.
Bettebloo – HA
Bettebloo – Join a web chat.
Bettebloo – Friend people on FB….always a good derailing.
VertigoX – “Do It” eh?
VertigoX – bow chicka bow wow
siabur – Never had writers block, just coming up with the next storyline.
VertigoX – Watch YouTube
Bettebloo – Elevator shaft.
jessieofborg – math sucks
siabur – I just did 14 comics where I had just the pics, no story and no ideas. Just filmed a bunch of random stuff and it wrote it self.
VertigoX – Get inside the mind of Jim Davis.. through David Reddick… through the mind of Garfield
Willows_Grove – so we should go eat lasagna if we get writer’s block?
OnyxSparrow – Which is really all in the mind of John
Bettebloo – Jim Davis eats lasagna.
VertigoX – Glen and Jeff “The Internet Guys” sounds like a possible webcomic!
Frumph – saw a random garfield making site once, where all the panels were jumbled around, it was funny too
siabur – What was your first cartoon job?
jessieofborg – siabur I believe it was trek life for Star Trek
DrunkenFools – hmmmmm cleavage
VertigoX – There was a couch in it?
Bettebloo – Draw cleavage while drunk.
VertigoX – Would you draw my Cleavage?
jessieofborg – OMG HAHAHAHA
Bettebloo – Question: When you look back at earlier work, do you like it or do you get all crazy critical about it?
Bettebloo – HA HA HA
DrunkenFools – I am 18 years old… erm… cough! cough!
VertigoX – “Pickup tips via Webcomic artist: David Reddick”
jessieofborg – oh wow….that is sweet
Savannah – What was your biggest inspiration to get into comics? Was it something that built up in progression or was there a definite trigger?
Guest 32 – LEGEND of Bill Kicks @ss
Willows_Grove – mental note…opening any page with flash on it will disconnect you from talkshoe
Willows_Grove – *punches talkshoe in the crotch*
siabur – Wow, Back when there were newspapers.
VertigoX – ROFL in the Data Bits eh?
Willows_Grove – oh yes
jessieofborg – Now you tell me
Willows_Grove – oh yes, we all hate our earlier stuff
siabur – You learn how to use pens.
VertigoX – you get to use the penis mightier?
VertigoX – pen’s mighter than Alex Trebeck
siabur – Garfield’s lost weight since he debuted.
Willows_Grove – in dog years
Willows_Grove – I am 18 in dog years, too
DrunkenFools – Huh? What? Wasn’t me! I swear, somebody took over my PC!\
Frumph – my grandma was like that
siabur – I find a 6.5lb chiwawa works better to pick up chicks.
jessieofborg – where do you see yourself in 10 years a comic?
Willows_Grove – mr rogers of cartoons…comes in, takes off his jacket, puts on a sweater, takes off his shoes and puts on sneakers
Guest 32 – Wow, I would love to see you do a Spiderman
DrunkenFools – David, hearing you talk about this with so much passion is an inspiration
siabur – Go for the record! Keep talking!
Guest 32 – Yeah right I have yet to see something unfunny from your studio! Guest 32 is MJ, what’s up David!
VertigoX – 4.5 hours is the record
jessieofborg – WHOOOO HOOOO LOB!
Bettebloo – I see dead people.
jessieofborg – kinda like Ellen Page from Juno….Indy film star then BOOM there she was
VertigoX – she was Kitty Pride before Juno 🙂
jessieofborg – yep! when david hits the major major film big time we can say we knew him when…..
Frumph – @david should get involved in webcomic planet as well
Frumph – and post updates of what he’s doing there too and give article submissions
jessieofborg – OMG NO CRAP?!!!!
VertigoX – you heard it here first
Willows_Grove – nice
jessieofborg – <gets down on knees and prays>
robotbeach – Thank you Dave!
jessieofborg – Thanks DAVID!
Guest 32 – This was awesome
siabur – Enjoy the comic David.
Savannah – Great listen, Dave! I enjoyed it 🙂
Frumph – maybe make vertigo_x’s voice less muffled sounding
Guest 14 – thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VertigoX –
Guest 14 – Booyah!
Guest 25 – Loved listening to you Daivd!!! Heather
Bettebloo – Ditto all the thank you’s.
Guest 14 – Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!
VertigoX –
Frumph – and WCP is moving hosts too
Frumph – isnt TGT webcomics podcast going to be at C2E2 ?
DrunkenFools – Yes!
DrunkenFools – Me too 🙂
Frumph – Get a recording device and do it!
OnyxSparrow – What about Penguicon?
siabur – Genuine Draft at
OnyxSparrow – Daww…
siabur – Nite all. Awesome show.
Guest 14 – Goodnight everyone!
Willows_Grove – let’s get david to participate in Onomatopeia Day… 🙂
Willows_Grove – night all

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