We are joined in Studio TGT tonight by a fan favourite, fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign, business minded and always thinking on how to improve the comic and promote it, DJ Coffman from Hero By Night stops in to talk about Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Plantinum Studios and what it was like to lose a child and then find it back after many years.

As a Special, TGT Exclusive – You can read it here: http://j.mp/HBN4FCBD (it’s a zip file with a PDF document!) Thanks DJ and Jason for supplying this. It’s a great story.

2 Responses

  1. Jordan Kotzebue

    This was a great interview and really loved hearing everything D.J. had to say. I took lotsa notes.
    I couldn’t agree more about the fact that all books feel the same. At this point when I go to the comic shop I don’t even know what to get cause it all blends together.
    Checking out marketing sites that don’t really have anything to do with comics is something I never thought of doing before either. Totally makes sense though. I’m looking forward to checking that all out.

    PS. I met Matt Inman’s in a completely different context from comics and he’s a good dude. He’s is starting to do more conventions so you can probably meet him at one if his massive line lets up a little.