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Let’s talk about Enchanted Arms, Is it really worth the full 1000 achievement points?

4 Responses

  1. Kurt Sasso

    I played this game on the 360. spent 120 hours. power leveled the main character and honestly the game was easy at that point. if you recall I did get a full 1000 on the game. At no point did I say I hate strategy RPGs. This particular game is not a game I would set as the standard of Strategy RPGs. Lost Odyssey did strategy RPGs a whole lot better than Enchanted Arms.

  2. Spotnitz

    The reviewer seems very niave about strategy rpg games and doesn’t seem to understand them and clearly doesn’t like them. The ending battle was challenging which is what strategy rpg player love.
    His comments on plot are nonsenical “not balanced”(?) then reverts to talking about graphics.
    Why have a reviewer that hates strategy rpgs review this game is beyond me. Over all, a pretty biased poor worthless review. If they come out with a sequel I will buy it immediately. There is a reason other sites have much better reviews of the game though your reviewer tells us to ignore them. I thunk I’d rather ignore him.

  3. Spotnitz

    The plot was unique with refreshing twits rather than the same dull boring story lines many other games have.
    If you like action rgp game then things like fireballs are important and you probably won’t like the game. If you like strategy rpg games then you will love it. The most important thing to me is gameplay and story line and this game was evry strong. It is the best game ever made for the PS3 in my opininon.

    • Kurt Sasso

      If you are into storylines then this has a unique one. But, if given the choice, I bet you would play a Final Fantasy, or another game like it over Enchanted Arms hands down.