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It’s been two years since we’ve last had Krishna on the podcast and a TON has changed. From PC Weenies to Uncubed, to getting married, having a child, to being in the comic industry for over 12 years! This man has alot to talk about and we’re glad to have him back. Besides finally meeting him at Kids Read Comics in June, now we get to sit him down in studio and discuss himself with another great Special Guest Co-Host Joel Watson from Hijinks Ensue This show turned out to be a great gathering of knowledge from sketching at Cons, what questions to ask and who you should look at when printing your first book, webcomic website design and so many more topics that are too numerous to mention.

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Joel Watson, Krishna Sadasivam, Jerzy Drozd, Matt Zolman, DungeonWarden, Tim Lai, Javier Hernandez, planobarryb, Caspell Worldwide, Zaron, Guests 4 – 16

2 Responses

  1. evandiaz

    Nice podcast guys! First time I’ve listened to you all but I enjoyed it. I’m a fellow webcomicker in a very similar position as a lot of you and I appreciated the info about the book printers (I had my doubts about diya also). If you guys ever need a guest host to chat with drop me a line sometime I’d like to help however I can 😀