Odori Park is the webcomic story of Japanese Arisa Nishimori, from snowy Hokkaido, Japan, and American Colin Easton, from Suburbia, U.S.A. We get to talk with Chris Watkins creator of Odori Park about East meets West, multicultural marriages and compromise.

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Chris Watkins, Trevor Kent, Dungeon Warden, Guest 4, Guest 5

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  1. Odori Park » Archive » TGT Webcomics Podcast: Aftermath :: A webcomic comedy of culture shock in love, life, and family, by Chris Watkins ::

    […] The show on Sunday was a rousing success. It was lots of fun talking to TGT host Kurt Sasso, and surprise guest host Trevor Kent (of takacomics.com) about everything from Valentine’s Day, to the characters of Odori Park, to my deep dark comics past, and beyond. Please have a listen–the recorded show is now available to download through a link on the TGT Webcomics site: http://tgtmedia.com/podcast/ep150-odoripark/ […]