Chromacorps is a comic very much in the mold of Power Rangers, or even Voltron if you’re of that vintage. Lots of martial arts and Japanese influence. Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps. Sentai Action Webcomic for All Ages! We get to talkto Trevor Kent the Kendoka himself about his creation Chromacorps!

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  1. Chris Watkins

    Thanks, Kurt.
    It really is a nightmare over there.
    Fortunately for us, family and friends there are okay, and not in harm’s way, but to think of all the people who aren’t so fortunate is difficult, at best.

  2. Chris Watkins

    Was really hoping to make it into the chat channel for this, and listen live. Just couldn’t get the kids to bed on time. But looking forward to listening to the recording!

    • VertigoX

      It was a great conversation and got to mention you on the podcast as well as thoughts and prayers to those friends and family in Japan.