Tonight’s episode of Nemu-Nemu was sponsored by Smith Micro Software makers of Manga Studio.

We were fortunate enough to give away three copies of Manga Studio Debut to three lucky winners

There is always something to be said about cute webcomics. They are funny and just so cute! The same can be said for the duo of Audra and Scott and while we would of had the podcast on Tuesday, we moved it to Wednesday so that Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga could celebrate his birthday! Wooo! Now that cake has been had by all (including @anpan and @nemu); We can dive into the cutesy world and the minds that brought you Nemu-Nemu.

With Special Guest Co-Host Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic

Guests in Channel:
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Manga Studio Debut Contest!
Byron Wilkins posed the following question at the end of the interview to see who would win the 1 of 3 copies of Manga Studio Debut!:

Question: On are listed the TOP FIVE downloaded episodes for all time on TGT. We want to know who was the THIRD most downloaded.

Answer: Alina Pete from WereGeek was the correct answer with 436 total downloads!

1) Trever Kent of Taka Comics
2) Paul Westover from Woody After Hours
3) John Wigger of Zombie Roomie


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