Wandering the world fighting side by side a band of heroes from all walks of life join together to fend off a demon invasion… A drunk and womanizing Rune Master; A ronin with a child; A Ninja assassin and a Ziegun Archer / Bard… With these people protecting the world we’re safe right? Right?!? This from the Author Briana Higgins and her co-writer Carissa join us on the show to discuss the Rune Master Tales of a Demon Slayer.

Various Website URLs:

http://www.rmtoads.com – Briana Higgins & Carissa webcomic
http://www.ehrdi.net – Rune Master Wiki over 200 articles
http://www.rmtoads.deviantart.com – Rune Master deviantART site
hollychan.deviantart.com – Briana Higgins deviantART site
http://bacchiguu.deviantart.com – Carissa deviantART site

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