They say that traveling through time can be a wonderful thing. But as we all know from Star Trek, The Simpsons and many other TV / Movies that messing with the time line can be disastrous. Not so with a webcomic where in taking a modem twist on past events can be not only funny but educational as well.

Enter the master of the webcomic timeline: Thomas Overbeck and his heroine Cassie from Times Like This. Hopefully she hasn’t jumped into the future to see how the interview is going to turn out 🙂

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Frumph, ThomasOverbeck, DungeonWarden, Wills23, Zieglarf, Tim Fischer, Guest 4 – 12

Various Website URLs: – Thomas Overbeck webcomic – Maggie storyline – South Cybers Church Superhero webcomic – Dallas Webcomic Expo Michael M and Thomas O – LICD – Sohmer and Lar – Questionable Content

Other Website URLs: – John Bintz and company providing webcomic templates and functionality – John Wigger testing out Phil’s Comicpress 2.8 – Wills23 webcomic

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