The Podcasting 101 episode was more of an impromptu show. I was approached by Tom Racine from Tall Tale Radio because he saw potential in this topic to expand upon it. If there is enough interest in this we will bring on other podcasting hosts to get their take on these questions. Joining us will be Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic.
Chat Room Log:
VertigoX – Today we’ll be talking with Tom Racine from Tall Tale Radio
VertigoX –
VertigoX – About Podcasting
VertigoX – heya Guest 2
VertigoX – we’re just getting the green room setup here
VertigoX – Imy!
VertigoX – I mean Irma!
VertigoX – heya Tom 🙂 just waiting for you in Skype and I’ll get Byron on
ImyComic – Ha!
tracine – Ahh. Skype. Yes. 😉 Going there now.
tracine – Irma! Whoo!
ImyComic – Hi!
Guest 3 – Is this the Olympic Hockey podcast?
tracine – Mike Cope in the house!
tr1guy – Hint: No.
ImyComic – I’m looking forward to seeing how many times talkshoe kicks me out this week.
tracine – Keep a count. 🙂
ImyComic – maybe I should turn it into a drinking game
Guest 3 – cheers, Tom 🙂 … I’ve literally got my broom sweeping here!
tracine – ha! “hard! hard! hard!” the only sport you can yell that and not get slapped in the face.
VertigoX – lol
ImyComic – ahahahahah I thought I was the only one to think that was funny
tracine – could be dangerous, Irma…you’ll be drunk fast!
tracine – I hear you boys.
ImyComic – I was crying from laughter yelling back “hard! hard” to the tv
tracine – ha!
tracine – I’m not seeing anything skype…
animafax – HI all. 🙂
ImyComic – hiya anima!
ImyComic – Hi Byron! I’m good!
ImyComic – Yes Kurt you do that often 🙂
tracine – Imy imy imy imy
ImyComic – :-P!
ImyComic – hahaha
ImyComic – hey Jarmo!
FIN_Jarmo – sup my peepz
ImyComic – who’s “guest 4?” 🙂
FIN_Jarmo – lemme just tell you … Ray Dillon is one of the coolest artists ever
FIN_Jarmo – hmm
AndyCarolan – hey guys! \m/
ImyComic – Andy!
tracine – Andy! greeeting
VertigoX – hey alll
AndyCarolan – *waves*
VertigoX – jarmo!
VertigoX – anima
animafax – Hi VertigoX
VertigoX – m-audio
VertigoX – podcast factory
ImyComic – It’s a shame the quality of talkshoe doesn’t allow us to hear how good those mics are :-/
VertigoX – Alesis
AndyCarolan – looks like this is the one
tr1guy – That does suck…
VertigoX – Want to get into Skype Imy?
ImyComic – *looks around for Imy*
tracine – yeah….damn you talk shoe!!!
ImyComic – hahaha
tr1guy – 🙂
ImyComic – sure I can listen in through skype.. no worries I have no mic so I won’t jump in ont he podcast LOL
VertigoX – Irma… damn it
ImyComic – that’s a THOUSAND times better, thanks kurt
ImyComic – Now I have tot urn down the volume.. all those BOOMING voices are blowing out my eardrums LOL
VertigoX – lol
tr1guy – Boom!
ImyComic – poor Andy having chat issues
AndyCarolan – im kinda here … VERY laggy connection though
Guest 6 – hrm … Safari keeps crashing here … will have to listen later … have a great show, folks!Guest 6 signing out
VertigoX – later Guest 6
ImyComic – bye mysterious guest 6!
ImyComic – haha!
AndyCarolan – I may have sorted out the laggyness… by casting a magic anti-lag spell
ImyComic – Woo Andy!
AndyCarolan – actually, maybe not… that took 2 mins to appear :/
ImyComic – haha the opposite of me, Tom’s was my first interview so every question was new-to-me LOL
animafax – tracine can you talk about the kind of research you had to do when interviewing Dave Kellett, where he has his OWN podcast about webcomics?
ImyComic – that last one took abotu a minute to appear for me Andy.. annoying
ImyComic – I will try to stay awake here in Sweden and be a part of that plan!
AndyCarolan – I think its just me Irma, theres the same lag if anyone talks to me in person 😀 ROFL
ImyComic – hahahaha Andy!
AndyCarolan – only difference is that you cant see the blank expression on here 😀
ImyComic – Was it Brian that dragged you kicking and screaming?
ImyComic – ah nevermind you answered that already LOL
ImyComic – <——— Irma
ImyComic – just thought I’d write that every once in a while to remind Kurt of who I am
ImyComic – 😀
tracine – how could we forget you? 🙂
AndyCarolan – <———Laggy Andy
animafax – animafax <—– Joel Duggan (good idea Irma)
ImyComic – I meant so he remembers my name LOL
animafax – andycarolan: LOL nice
Wills23 – <—–Talkshoe keeps crashing on Will
tracine – joel duggan in the house!

ImyComic – <—- not “Imy” … she’s a redhead. I’m brunette 😀
VertigoX – for now
VertigoX – 😉
ImyComic – yes I did! 😀
ImyComic – ha! I was already a redhead once
Wills23 – Go Irma ^_^
ImyComic – I’m over that 😉
VertigoX – pics or it didnt happen 🙂
ImyComic – it was in high school and there aren’t many pics of that in my possession
AndyCarolan – <— is a brunette with grey flecks
tracine – <—is bald with grey. 🙂
VertigoX – short hair
ImyComic – Hell yeah I want to talk about it! I just get afraid of sounding like I don’t know what I’m doing LOL
VertigoX – Any questions for Tom Racine, Byron or myself about Podcasting? either being interviewed or other stuff?
ImyComic – *bows*
AndyCarolan – I think I would feel the same Irma… but i really arent sure myself if I know what im doing
animafax – Open question: What was the most difficult interview so far?
ImyComic – I just wanted to give TTF/TRR more of a presence
AndyCarolan – heres a question… any tips for interviewees?
ImyComic – both good questions!
animafax – Oh, good one Andy.
VertigoX – Any other questions?
AndyCarolan – you having connection problems Wills23?
VertigoX – thats TalkShoe issues
ImyComic – Did you answer animafax’s question?
animafax – Not yet. I don’t think. Thanks Imy.
ImyComic – it was a good one… I’m curious to the answer to that
animafax – merci
AndyCarolan – thx for answering my Q 🙂
VertigoX – np great question
VertigoX – great one animafax
animafax – Thanks VertigoX
animafax – Tom makes it look so easy (son-of-a) knew there had to be behind the scenes stuff. 😉
rickwall – hi
VertigoX – heya rick
AndyCarolan – Yo Rickwall
rickwall – I’m looking for some one for a project
ImyComic – haha anima!
animafax – 😉 Funny because I’m right eh Imy? 😉
AndyCarolan – I like hearing what people sound like who produce the comics I like. I actually sound a lot like brad pitt of course 😉
ImyComic – yes you are anima!
ImyComic – that’s how I pictured you Andy! 😉
ImyComic – People were surprised to hear that I DON’T have much of a NJ accent
animafax – 40-60min is a good “one sitting” time for podcasts. (my opinion)
rickwall – talkshoe goes over all the time lol
AndyCarolan – I listen to a LOT of podcasts which are over 2hrs long… Usually spread it over 2 nights. They are usually Paranormal podcasts though
animafax – If people are super interesting would it be better to break it up into two 30-40min shows? From your podcasting/time investment point of view?
VertigoX – most of TGT eh Andy 😉
ImyComic – you guys ever go back and listen to your older podcasts to see how you’re shows have evolved?
AndyCarolan – lol
VertigoX – oh god… I did for ep 1…. brutal
ImyComic – have you already talked about that? LOL I’m working on my comic at the same time so I may have missed something LOL
animafax – … yeah, makes sense. I suppose it depends on format of your podcast and the guest.
ImyComic – hahahahaha
animafax – hahahaha
ImyComic – yeah that must have taken AGES
ImyComic – I thought that 2009 review episode was great
rickwall – heres the project the intro and first sceen of project
rickwall – oppppppps here it is
ImyComic – squeeee HAHAHAHA
AndyCarolan – Ever thought of doing a round-table group chat with a bunch of new comic creators? would be more likely to have more material than with just 1 newbie?
AndyCarolan – rickwall, my bandwidth is being swallowed up at the mo, so i will take a look in a bit 🙂
rickwall – ok ty 🙂
animafax – Yeah Andy. Good idea/question.
VertigoX – Squee-gasm
rickwall – call mike esposito hes cool
AndyCarolan – I think any type of Gasm is a great thing… Squee or otherwise 🙂
ImyComic – I’m a 20-something for about 7 more months haha
ImyComic – hahahaha Garfield *eyes her Garfield phone by the front door*
VertigoX – lol
animafax – 30s are the new 20s Imy 😉
VertigoX – Any other questions?
rickwall – ama 50 smething lol next month am older 50 something lol
AndyCarolan – blimey – im 35 Something right now… bloody scary
ImyComic – THanks anima! I’m trying not to think about it too much LOL I’ll celebrate my bday by being at NY comiccon, that’ll be a good distraction LOL
animafax – Bill Amend seems to be “hip” to the changes. From what I can piece together anyway.
animafax – Nice. My first con (visitor) will be the one happening here in Halifax in the fall.
ImyComic – very cool!
VertigoX – Halifax NS? 😀 Love that place
animafax – Yes sir! Halifax, NS. Born and raised.
ImyComic – aw damn, guys I have to go
ImyComic – past 7pm here and I have tog et dinner started
VertigoX – My JJ is there
animafax – Aww… later Imy
tr1guy – Later Irma
VertigoX – later Irma
AndyCarolan – byeeeee Irmaaaaa! x
ImyComic – I’ll have to listen to the end later
rickwall – bye amy
animafax – “Animation” + “Halifax” = Animafax 😉
VertigoX – post your webcomic URLs
rickwall – bye amy
ImyComic – It was a lot of fun 🙂 good show!
ImyComic –
ImyComic – see you guys!!!
tracine – bye irma!
tracine – canada in the house!
animafax – Here’s mine — >
animafax – Joel Duggan (Dug-gan) 😉
AndyCarolan – as we are sharing …
animafax – Oh Canada! 😉
animafax – oops, here is hotlink
rickwall – <indy tv / film producer
rickwall – nd have a show here too lol
animafax – Crush your enemies. See them driven before you and hear the limitations of the women 😉
tr1guy – 🙂
tr1guy –
animafax – Thanks for a great convo/podcast guys. Cheers from Halifax!
AndyCarolan – thanks guys!!!!! was fun times 🙂
rickwall – nooooo not realy
animafax – I think there is a lot of cross pollination in the audience for sure.
animafax – You guys every try Ustream?
animafax – what about TinyChat?
animafax – I think you’d still have to record locally… but I know very little.
rickwall – dog wants a walk bye guys
animafax – cheers tom!!!

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