A Geek Talking: Kurt Sasso Documentary

Here's a short documentary that was created by Director Keren Traves and her fellow classmates for their second year University Documentary film making class. Kurt Sasso (that's me) was the subject and it followed a day in my life at University. There is also interviews with Professors and past students that I've interacted with. Not only am I in a double major in Visual Arts / Communication, Media & Film (minoring in Applied Information Technology), I also have been a Teaching Assistant for a number of years. I also get to talk about Two Geeks Talking and a variety of other topics.
Patreon Podcast Episode #7

Kurt Sasso interviewed Patreon Podcast

I love to interview people and it's always fun to have the tables turned on me. Look forward to Chris Cowen's new Podcast show called: Patreon Podcast. Chris had some great questions, and has had some fun guests. He can only get better and if YOU have a Patreon page, hit him up for an interview. It's a blast to do and really you have another platform to promote yourself. Take a listen to the newest show all about myself, and Two Geeks Talking!