Here’s a great article written by Joel Boyce from The Windsor Star. Where he talked to me about my most recent challenge interviewing 42 creative people in 42 days!

Two Geeks Talking Challenge: 42 artists in 42 days

Kurt Sasso hosts local online entertainment show Two Geeks Talking. He recently ‘sparked a fire’ interviewing 42 artists in 42 days.
Kurt Sasso hosts local online entertainment show Two Geeks Talking. He recently ‘sparked a fire’ interviewing 42 artists in 42 days.

The host of Two Geeks Talking, an online entertainment show based in Windsor-Essex, said he pushed his creativity to the limit by interviewing 42 artists in 42 days.

“It was definitely rewarding and sparked a fire in me,” said local artist Kurt Sasso.

The challenge was a personal endeavour spawned from a university class project, though it took on a life of its own, Sasso said.

His video and audio interviews, normally produced for a weekly show discussing topics in comics, film, music and game publishing, can be found on YouTube and iTunes.

Kurt Sasso talks with actor Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13.

After kicking off the daily challenge in the beginning of June, the host jumped into the deep end by interviewing more than one person a day. In fact, the first week he did 14 interviews and 30- to 60-minute segments.

“At first, I didn’t know I had the endurance to do these – and to keep it fresh,” he said.

He took to social media, informing friends, family and fans about his challenge and the response was incredible.

Sasso has interviewed Jack Thomas, director of the horror flick Infliction; Keith DeCandido, writer of World of Warcraft and Star Trek Universe books; illustrator Danielle Corsetto from the comic Girls With Slingshots, and many other talented artists.

“It opened my eyes,” he said. “I learned stuff I don’t get from school. You learn from their experiences.”

The 35-year-old artist, born and raised in Windsor but now residing in Kingsville, is also a documentary filmmaker and script writer. He said he has made fantastic connections in the entertainment business since starting in 2008. Sasso has interviewed people from New York to the Philippines, and has almost 700 interviews in the bag.

“Everyone has a story to tell. It’s up to me to bring that out of them,” he said.

Many are well-known comic book artists, like Neal Adams (Batman) and Jill Thompson (Sandman). He’s also interviewed comic book writers and actors from shows like Defiance, Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl.

Two Geeks Talking – which started as Two Guys Talking – was created with friend Phil Hofer back in 2008. The show grew from the ground up as Sasso learned the ropes of podcasting through trial and error. In the first four years, TGT did more than 300 podcast interviews.

“I want this to be national presence,” he said. But mainly, he just enjoys talking to people.

People can catch Two Geeks Talking on his website at

Sasso said he’s still waiting to interview one of the world’s best artists, Stan Lee. That will be his next challenge. or on Twitter @BoyceWillBBoyce

Kurt Sasso talks with a man who Sasso describes as "an actor from the Night of the Living Dead play. ... He was the Zombie version of a Booth Babe.”

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