I have read many fantasy styled novels in my time; D&D, the entire Dragonlance series and then there was WoW. There is always something to be said about a great story and characters that you fall in love with. Amy Lett’s webcomic Epic Fail suits me to a tea.

I’m going to say this off the bat. It’s way too short and I know its just starting but it’s already grabbed hold of me and I want to know more and read more.

The characters are fun and entertaining.

Every character is unique both in personalities and design.
The art truly is well done as you can tell the author takes her time with her characters.
The website fits the comic well and every page works. From a mixture of fan art and art that Amy has done it’s a wonder she isn’t featured more often.

Take the time to read the About page as well for this is where you’ll see how Amy draws from her inspirations from the wonderful Margaret Weiss of Dragonlance to her time playing D&D style Epic Adventure with her friends back in the day.

This is a person to watch in the future, I have written it and thus it shall be so 🙂 So, take the time to read the comic, message her on her Twitter and tell her what you think of her work.

Maybe prod her with kindness and chocolates to see if she’ll release more comics rather than the slow torture that is the weekly release.

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