Contact: Joshua Emmons
April 6th, 2011

This April, get ready for DoubleFeature, a new direction for digital comics! Every month, DoubleFeature brings together two short stories by top industry talents in an easy to download package for only 99¢.

DoubleFeature’s inaugural issue contains two ACTION stories by Tim Seeley, Ross Campbell, Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton. Readers should stay tuned to to find details on future content from all-star creators like Phil Hester, B. Clay Moore, and Chris Burnham.

DoubleFeature is available as an iPad app (downloadable through Apple’s AppStore) and as a restriction-free PDF (available at, both for only 99¢. Fans with the iPad version will be treated to special extras, such as page-by-page commentary from writers and artists and access to all production art — from pencils to inks to colors — for every page.

DoubleFeature is brought to you by Four Star Studios, a Chicago-based comic studio built on the principle of “Deeds, Not Words.” Four Star brings you the best in comics. No excuses. Visit Four Star on the web at More information on DoubleFeature can be found at or by emailing Joshua Emmons at