It has been said that the GLBT community is a niche market and many don’t pay alot of attention to it. Which truly is a shame. There are many webcomics out there that truly are amazing that we have talked about on TGT Webcomics podcast: from our interview with Nena Di from Heard to the listing of many GBLT (Khaos Komix, Venus Envy, Heard to name a few) comics on Webcomic Planet.

While these are all great plugs for the webcomic community as a whole (not just the GBLT community), the fact that the 2009 Prism Comics organization has awarded a truly outstanding webcomic author: Pam Harrison from House of Muses with their most prestigious award: Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.

You can read more about the award and Pam Harrison here:

If you haven’t read House of Muses you will truly enjoy the mixture of 3D and 2D art. Take your time and enjoy it. We are hoping to have Pam on the TGT Podcast soon as well. Keep an eye out for her work and awards in the future.

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  1. Pam Harrison

    Thanks, Kurt and Paul, for the promo! If there’s enough interest in me doing another interview, I’d be glad to join you sometime. 🙂