In everyone’s life near their end, they look back on how they became who they are. We as people would like to think that in some way we will leave a legacy for other generations to come across and wonder more about that person… or persons in this case.

I was emailing Brock about Super Fogey’s: Origins and he was kind enough (as he always is) to reply back. Originally, I thought it was going to be a quick blurb here and there; However, just like his talent for being the author of Super Fogey’s he yet again surprised me with his true passion about the world that he has created.

This is a collaboration of a multitude of artists from all over the webcomic community drawing what Brock Heasley has written, taking their artistic spin on a variety of characters that we know and love. I can easily say that everyone of them have nailed it.

T.L. Collins of Bullfinch is the regular SuperFogeys Origins artist. He’s done two page “The Money Man,”

The 22 page ‘The Society of Heroes,’

The recently finished “Herman’s Story” (5 pages)

The currently running “Jetpacks Anonymous: Tom’s Story” (4 pages–Tom is the son of Captain Spectacular.)

Eldon Cowgur of Astray3 did the 5 page “Tangerine,” which wrapped up a few weeks ago.

Krishna Sadisvasm of PC Weenies will be doing a 2 pager, ‘Spy Gal vs. Star Maiden’

Steve Ogden of Moon Town will be doing a 6 pager about “The Thrice Evil” (The silent Fogey)

And…last but not least…Brock is doing a 9 page story with an Italian Artist by the name of Rossana Bugini called “The Six Wives of Captain Spectacular” The pencils are already done on that one. In Brock’s words “[This is] gonna be EPIC. Rossana is quite talented.

“I really think of SFO as a different animal. It’s done in the comic book page format, which is quite different from strips. Plus, since I’m not drawing it, I feel much more free to just write whatever I want without thinking about whether or not I can draw it. Each story is designed to stand very much on its own, but I often try to time them to coincide with whatever is going on in the current continuity in the strip as well.”

For instance, in the Society of Heroes, a time-traveling Swifty and Mega Matt made an appearance, and we saw them leap to the past together in the current continuity strip.

Usually, however, it’s more of a thematic thing. Tom, Captain Spectacular’s son, will be coming to Valhalla soon, about the time his origin shows up in SFO.   SFO is about providing a showcase for some of the truly great artists out there and expanding the SF universe beyond what we see in the strip. I really treat each story as an experiment.

“‘The Society of Heroes’ story was me trying to do a traditional, 22-page super hero comic book. “Tangerine” was a dip into darkness by way of my own disinclination towards gore. “Tom’s Story” will a four pages of 16-panel grids. “The Thrice Evil” will be a chance for Steve Ogden to get his Mike Mignola on.”

You can safely say that Brock is reaching out to the community as he does with a great project in SFO. An epically entertaining look into these past lives that can show us how to find redemption, better ourselves and truly look back on our lives to see where we stack up.

Will there be other Super Fogey’s: Origins in the future? I’m sure there will be, after all… Everyone has a story to tell.