There are not many comics out there, either online or in print that have strong women role models. I’m not saying they aren’t out there, but there are too few of them. That being said, when a webcomic comes along from a strong female creator by the name of Jules Rivera, you take notice. Especially with a Squadron of strong female characters with her newest series: Valkyrie Squadron.

Jules is no stranger to being promoted on TGT and if you have been listening to the podcasts in the past, either with her being interviewed or being a co-host, you know she does great work in everything that she sets her mind to. What’s even better, is when I looked in the mail to find the very first Valkyrie Squadron in it’s print format.

Here’s a little background on Valkyrie Squadron:

Valkyrie Squadron follows a crew of four young women part of an alliance with all of humanity to fight a war against the autodrones (robots) in space. The drones have been attacking innocent colonists for reasons unknown to the Alliance. The story opens on the Valkyries during a routine rescue mission that takes a very strange turn. As the mystery unfolds behind the mission’s bizarre twist, more and more clues to the whereabouts of the missing colonists will come to light. The tide of the war has changed. Which way will it go?

The one thing that I’ve always loved about Jules is her art and while being a reader of Marsh Rocket for a good number of years, I’ve come to appreciate that style. I didn’t know what to expect was a different style with full colour rather than the colourful shading she is known for. It looks amazing. The shadowing, shading and lighting effects look amazing. The character colours, cities and even the enemy drones all have their own style.

Writing dialog for many creators is difficult, especially artists. However, Jules takes her experience with past comics, adds in her quirky humour when needed and gives a touch of mystery with some unanswered questions and this is only chapter 1! There is alot of political / military rhetoric in the comic but that’s just the way Jules has built her particular world, in this case it adds to the intrigue of the comic.

While the comic is all online, it is well worth it to pick up a copy of her first book because it has everything you want in the start of a comic series: a simple military mission that turns top secret, a squadron thrust into a situation they may not be prepared for, a mysterious person that survived a droid attack with questions of her own, and a news reporter that’s always looking for the truth.