Just wanted to let everyone know about an interview (of sorts) that TGT Webcomics will be on. We’re going to Webcomic Hell Podcast with Adam Smithee (Apple of Discord) and his new webcomic discussion based podcast. Here’s his blurb from http://www.webcomichell.com

Just like any mighty ship (aside from, you know, The Titanic) gets a
shakedown cruise before it officially launches, Webcomic Hell is going to go on it’s maiden voyage on Monday, November 30th. Joining us will be Kurt Sasso (Vertigo_X), the current master and commander of another much more established webcomic podcast, TGT Webcomics.

While I’ve got him on board, we’re going to talk about staffing.

For example, how many people does it really take to run a webcomic, or for that matter, a webcomic podcast? Or how many webcomic artists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? And what exactly are you
supposed to do if you loose a team member? Tune in to the thrilling first (and quite possibly last) episode of Webcomic Hell to find out!

Go and listen to it now. Really it’s all about communication, having a plan and sticking with it.
Recorded on November 30, 2009