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This is truly a momentous occasion for the readers, listeners and fans alike… We’ve reached our 100th episode! What better way in celebrating this occasion than with a true powerhouse in the industry marketing, entertainment and webcomic… We bring you men that need little to no introduction (but I’m going to do it anyway), Sohmer of Blind Ferret Entertainment and one half of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group.

From the womanizing and crazy antics of Rayne and crew; the wry destruction and sense of humour of Richard the Warlock to Lar’s incredible artwork and Ryan’s writing and… um… obsession with Red Bull. This is going to be one action packed show to be sure.

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, DungeonWarden, OnyxSparrow, Paul Westover, TIII_FERA, MetalJaw, tr1guy,