When Austin Hamblin contacted me a month ago telling me about a new comic he had in store that was “drastically different” than anything else he’d co-created I was intrigued. When he wanted to bring on his artist and co-author Johannes Vick anyone that knows me and this show is that the more the merrier should be on here. Steel Wool is a comic that changes the norms that we know about superheros. On top of it being a strong female character (which is still few and far between in my opinion), it touches on many different levels of action, humour and topics everyone deals with today. Unfortunately, halfway through the interview Austin’s internet failed, but Johannes picked up the slack and even showcased his art style during the show itself and of course answered the four questions for Little Person amongst Media Giants. Check out their Kickstarter link below and support how you can.

Kickstarter for Issue #1 is HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/452095952/steel-wool-issue-1/
Support it by Contributing, Sharing and knowing that this is the start of a much Larger series.

Austin Hamblin Comics and other works: http://hamblincomics.com/
Johannes Vick Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohannesVick
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