Gordon McAlpin is a graphic designer and most notably the creator of Multiplex comic, Multiplex 10 the animated series and his recent creation into D&D adventures as part of the DM Guilds series, Death by Goblins! We haven’t interviewed Gordon in ten years (since our first interview at C2E2 2010 in Chicago), it was great to see where he was back then to where he is today. From his graphic design background into his MFA of Graphic Design utilizing Games (he says it better in the show), to how D&D effectively put him on his path to being a creative person. We also devel into Multiplex a long running series that followed a plethora of characters from Jason & Kurt to many more. We then talk about the profession, a ton about D&D, Kickstarters, Indiegogo campaigns and much more.

You can find Gordon’s work on his social media:
Official site: http://www.gordonmcalpin.com
Multiplex10 site: http://www.multiplex10.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gcmcalpin