Round 1

The Tournament enters it’s third year and many combatants that have risen to glory with many surprises as well! TGT Webcomics has over 177+ interviews of truly amazing people and we’re throwing them to the masses once again. Here are your combatants for this Tournament. Vote for your favourites, but you only get one vote per battle, per twelve hours… choose wisely!

Prizes: (more to come)
- 3x Webcomics: What’s Cooking? cookbooks & Limited Edition Lar deSouza Magnets
- 1x So Super Duper Prize Pack!
- 1 package of Eben07 books and 2x Nerf Mavericks
- 1x WAGON Card Battle Delta Deck with Brentafloss card

Rules and Guidelines:
- Every week the winners with the most votes will move on.
- Voting can be done every twelve hours (12) per person.
– Do not use any proxy servers that mask the voter IP addresses. If you do, the comic that has received those votes will be removed from the tournament.
- If there is a tie, a sudden death voting session will be done.
- Tell you fans about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your website.
- Past combatants have sketched during the tournament, have collaborated with their enemies to have fun cross-comic strips depicting the battles.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be scheduled for another interview in the following year, along with great prizes.

Would you like to be a Sponsor this Tournament?

What do you get?
- Podcast read as a sponsor of every episode in August.
- Image on the Tournament page which brings in over 7,000 – 10,000 hits in the month alone, can translate to direct clicks to your site.
- New this year: Spotlight of your company and product(s)
- Sponsor added to the Links page at the top.

What do you supply?
- Prize(s) for one of three winners at the end of this tournament
- If no prizes, advertising rate special for this tournament only 4 episodes for the price of 3.
- Logo for your company (300×300, 200×40)

Contact for more details:

Round 1 starts Monday August 1, 2011 at 1:00AM EST and ends on Saturday August 6, 2011 at Midnight EST
Sponsored by the following:

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