Innaugural 2012 WEBReeF Gathering
Opens February 3, 2012 at 12 Noon EST
Ends February 5, 2012 at 11:59 P.M. EST

WEBReeF currently stands for “WEBcomics, Readers and Fans.” It’s a periodic gathering of webcomics creators and ethusiasts. It was created in response to the cancellation of the February 2012 DigiCon, but does not classify itself as an “online convention.” WEBReeF is completely free, so dive right in!

I’m here. Now what?
You can register with WEBReeF to use such features as The Stream and to privately correspond with other ‘ReeFers, but registration is not necessary to participate in the various video chats and events. Please check your SPAM box for your registration confirmation!

Scheduled Events
While WEBReeF is not a con per se, our various chat rooms and video conference rooms are available to use for events, live drawing, seminars and Q&A sessions. To view our scheduled events, go to the Events Schedule page. If you’d like to schedule an event, fill out the request form here.

LiveChat is one giant, ongoing conversation and appears on the righthand side of WEBReeF pages. It’s sort of a live communications hub for the event.

The Stream [link]
Think Facebook or Google Plus. WEBReeF registrants can post comments, videos, photos and links to the activity stream at any time.

Chat Rooms [Chat Room 1][Chat Room 2]
In addition to the always present LiveChat, two separate Chat Rooms are available for use for scheduled events or casual chit-chat.

Video Conference Rooms [Video Conference Room 1][Video Conference Room 2]
Video chat is available for open chat and scheduled streaming events. In addition, you can stream your PC or Mac desktop using tools such as ManyCam.

What I will be doing at this convention:
Saturday at Noon, Crash Course on Podcasting, with Fes from The Webcomic Beacon. We’re ‘Frenemies’ so it’s all good 😉 No, really Fes, Tanya and Mark from The Webcomic Beacon are great peoples.

At 3PM, I will be interviewing Brian King from InkOUTBREAK in Video Conference Q&A.

I will be hosting an Anime Chat in one of the rooms and a ‘Pre-game Show’ talking about how to prepare for a Video and Audio Podcast as an interviewee

But, really this convention is all about webcomics and the amazing creators that stop by. I know there will be a ton of tutorials and techniques to learn as well. Everyone should attend.