The Anthropomorphic genre is a misunderstood phenomenon and on top of all that webcomics based on that genre are somewhat few and far between save for a few amazing examples like Bill Holbrook‘s Kevin & Kell and this latest spotlight Broken Plot Device by author & illustrator Lis.

When it comes down to it whether you are into the anthropomorphic genre or not, you have to admit the talent it takes to consistently draw these characters, facial features, action sequences and all takes alot of talent.

Lis has refined her style to the point that every panel is beautifully drawn including some stunning backgrounds as well. While reading the story lines you get a sense of the great mixture of characters that makes this comic a recipe for success.

With characters like a coffee crazed lizard as an artist;

A sassy cougar as her best friend, to a perverted robot dinosaur;

Mix in a wolf on the prowl all day and night;

With a dash of mystical dragon;

Sprinkle in a pirate fighting a ninja;

And a pinch  of artistic mole and this is only a few of many characters….

What more could you ask for in a comic?

The writing mixed with the art makes this comic a great read through every time I’ve read it. It’s funny on every strip all the way through from beginning to end.  One thing that I’m not sure if Lis has done is made a “Censored” T-Shirt because that would be a great move as I have fallen in love with Maxine “rawr”.

All of this aside, its a great comic that should be read, if anything enjoy the work that Lis has put together in both her art style and great story telling. If you really enjoy her work, she has books available with content that you can’t nay will not see on the website. Check them out here for really reasonable prices to boot:

Also, send her a message about her webcomic and befriend her on Twitter 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Keegan

    BPD is by far my favorite web comic. Throughout the course of my work week I always look forward to putting everything on hold and seeing some new awesomeness unveiled.

  2. benben

    Good review! I have to say without a doubt BPD is my favorite comic. I usually watch Lis's twitter for her Ustream. You can watch Lis draw comics, buttons and commissions as well as chat with a fun group of people. Lis will join the conversation as well as taunt the trolls in her chat. I try to limit my time there though, I have to do homework too.