Well today is my 32nd birthday. I got a wonderful gift from a great friend, whom I’m sure you all know; Byron Wilkins.

As for gifts; I don’t ask for much, really I don’t. There are a few things I’d love for you all to contribute to.

1) Webcomics: What’s Cooking? Feeding Families: City by City
All Proceeds are donated to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.
– $15, 100 page full color with amazingly talented creators that have taken their time to contribute.

2) Help me keep TGT running.
Advertise on TGT Webcomics Podcast. Get 3 reads; Beginning, middle and End. Promote your comic today.
– Donate via Paypal; kurt at tgtmedia dot com

Overall, thank you for being supportive of the podcast, myself and all the creators that do their best to provide the enjoyment of comics that we all know and love.