I’ve been called many things. Frank; Bill; Consuela (it was Mexico and tequila was involved…) but I digress. Bob is definitely not one of them and I will leave that up to today’s author Robert Chandler from I’m Not Bob.

From the beginning you can’t help but to just like Bob for his funny strips that are great for a pick-me-up any day of the week.

From his down to earth wife Amy that can never resist setting the record straight that adds realism in Bob’s life. To his talking cat (which we don’t even know if that’s true). To finally his best, if not misguided friend and their wacky and crazy antics.

These are characters that you can’t wait to see what will happen next and I’m sure Bob… I mean Robert, the author, not the character won’t be sure to disappoint.

The art is clean and just gets better over time as you can tell he’s taking his work to a whole new level with now evolving story lines as he brings in new characters to the fold. The same goes for the website, even on a computer that’s old the pages load up quickly and everything is easy to navigate.

Also his website does have not only a store to purchase his ‘merch’ as the kids are saying these days, with a wide selection of T-Shirts, magnets, buttons, quite nice actually. There’s also a section for Premium content for a low price you can get content not just seen to the public.

All in all Robert takes topics of geekdom and asks the questions that I really don’t think many people would ask, let alone bring to a webcomic. I mean: Batman and Robin, what really happened in the 60s show?

What would you do if you met George Lucas?

Who really wants to watch The Watchmen?

Who would win between James T Kirk of old and Picard in a battle of Yahtzee or Scrabble? (wait, no he hasn’t asked that question… yet…)

It is a short strip, however with the content that I’m sure Robert will be adding to the site this will be one that you want to add to your favourites list. We will be having Robert on the TGT Podcast as well so stay tuned for that. Now if Dwayne were to ask: “If you roll a D20 in the woods and no one is around, would the DM know you rolled a natural 20?” Questions to ponder as it get curiouser and curiouser.

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