The first time I heard the first song of their self-titled album, I was surprised about the lyrics they were laying down and the melodies they were playing. It took me back to the 90s and had a feel of “Bare-naked ladies/Incubus/Blink 182” or a song that you would hear in the soundtrack of the American Pie series.

But what really struck me with their music are the lyrics and how it was able to bring coax out the inner geek in me. Also, playful melodies like in the “Villain Song” I like how the violins were in the track and how the instrument was utilized in such a way to really bring an upbeat track, a very good one at that. I have that track on repeat in my morning up beat list while walking to work.

Other tracks like UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, (channeling Contra the old 16/32bit side scrolling, and the inner cheater in all of us, well not really but I can die several times so that I can finish the game)… Ok too much channeling there it exposes my inner geek way too much. And what’s up with “Naked Wii” Video Games + Romance + Ultra Hot Babe = Happy Geek Lord!… Ok its too much already.

To wrap this review up on how Kirby Krackle started their attack on the music scene back in 2009. They started it the right way, not too much on the emphasis on the comic lore and gaming mantras in their music. It was tastefully inserted for casual listeners and obvious enough to attract major geekoids relate to the inner meaning to their lyrics.