This time the calculated and openly forgiving melodies turned into a splash of overwhelming riffs that will soothe the hungry musician’s palette.

This time around the duo of Stevens and Demonakos have conjured another album named “E for Everyone” which has tripped my spidey senses for music. This time, they upped the ante with beefing up their riffs. Another particular song that appeased my musical appetite was “On and on”. For a second there when the track started, I thought it was Mike Einziger on the guitars and Brandon Boyd on vocals. (yes it seems obvious that I am a Incubus fan, being that I mentioned it in my last review) Having that type of sound is just little cherry that’s on this replusor/adamatnium cake.

I thought I liked the first album blew me away, it feels like I got rocked by Mjolnir, after being Hulk smashed, Berserker barraged, and a full blast of the Gallagher straight into my ears.