Reality TV these days isn’t really reality TV. There’s scripts and amateur actors with no real sense of being surprised, shocked or any sense of danger in certain situations. That all changes with the webcomic that I found by following author Rachel Keslensky from Last Res0rt! on Twitter.

In a world where prisons are overcrowded, enter a reality TV show that has danger, death and a final reward of freedom to hardcore criminals and it is available … if they survive the show: Last Res0rt!.

It has a very “Running Man” feel but without the muscles from Brussels!

Usually I’m not into furry comics but this creation by Rachel is not only well drawn but it story (and bonus comics / back story information) make it so that you not only care about the side characters but also the main character of ‘Jigsaw’ with a unique past.

There are alot of questions that aren’t answered just yet lie: Why does she want to join this show? What is her past and why won’t she tell anyone? What the heck is in that Violin case?

It’s still earlier to tell about this comic’s overall story as the author is flushing out everyone else’s backstory while still moving the main story ahead.

The art is well done and this author only gets better with time. The mixture of anime style characters, most noticeably the eyes, are refreshing for an anthropomorphic comic like Last Res0rt.

This is a must read comic that is really well done and if anything you’ll enjoy it for the story and art. Maybe it will make you want to petition your local Cable or TV stations to get better Reality Shows like this webcomic. Tune in next time to see who will survive and who will die on Rachel Keslensky’s Last Res0rt!

3 Responses

  1. VertigoX

    Actually I originally had Arnold typed in but I couldn’t think of his monicker for the article heh.

  2. Jules

    Running Man had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, not Jean Claude Van-Damme (the actual Muscles from Brussels). It still blows my mind Ah-nold is the governor of my state.