People say that reviewing webcomics is a thankless job and that it is unfulfilling and unrewarding. Apparently those people have lost the love of reading webcomics. I, for one will be reading them until they are digitally infused into my brain. With all that in mind, I turn to the next TGT Webcomics spotlight, J Gray and Keith from Mysteries of the Arcana.

But there are some that come along and just make you want to delve deeper into the story and the characters that they have presented to you. Here’s where JGray and Keith work seemlessly together.

Since I first started reading this comic a while back and this was even before their interview, (which you can listen to here: TGT Webcomics – Episode 38) I was always impressed with the art and story that was laid in front of me.

Taking the parallel worlds and the mysteries behind the cards of Tarot we are pulled into a world where saving someone far away can only come with trials and tribulations.

Between the riveting storyline of Teresa and Chrystalline along with some pretty amazing supporting characters you will be reading this time and again.

The kicker in all of this is that it’s so in-depth that when you get to the end you will be clicking the next button until the next update thus wearing out your mouse in the process.

Between the Podcast interview, J Gray‘s amazing writing and Keith‘s artistry (in which Keith is also going to be illustrating / colouring; Blackrock), Mysteries of the Arcana is going to be around for a long time.