It’s hot, and sticky, and without a doubt low tide near the Baltimore convention center, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of Otaku who have pre-registered for the annual Otakon from descending on the place like a group of locust. Even as the sun has set the heat is still oppressive, and quite a few brave souls have come out to pick up their tickets already dressed in one of many cosplays they will where for the weekend! Even now the words best used to describe the crowd is energetic, talented and impressive, and while we only got a few pictures to hold you over until tomorrow, it is a great indicator of what the weekend will bring.

By the way I’m Monkey, also know as Shiloh, and all the great media will be brought to you this weekend by my awesome photographer Peaches, and together we are honored to bring you this coverage of Otakon, as Monkey-Peaches!