Science Fiction has always been a genre where anything and everything can happen and it is only limited to the imagination of the author. That being said, Starship Moonhawk is a webcomic that definitely doesn’t lack imagination.

From it’s stunning space battles to the variety of characters and relationships each has, Starship Moonhawk combines the sci-fi genre with that of the anthropemorphic.

Throw in a rogue faction and two races bent on taking out the major power in the Alliance and you have yourself one heck of a webcomic. Hasn’t humanity in space been through enough? I mean why can’t they all just get along?

If you are interested in a variety of alien races, cat-like people, space battles, an intriguing story and humanity trying to save the galaxy, then this is the webcomic for you.

Also, you can listen to the TGT Webcomics podcast with Episode 003 – Starship Moonhawk with Mike Prokop

*Since this spotlight, Starship Moonhawk has gone through numerous artists / colourists and storyline changes. Tune in to their re-interview in 2011 as to why.