Union of Heroes is a photo-comic about superheroes – from Germany. Our photographed heroes experience their adventures in the Ruhr Area of a parallel earth. Sounds interesting? That’s what it’s supposed to be! We do our best to present you, our readers, good entertainment thrice a week.

To start off Union of Heroes is unique. It is the first photo graphical based comic that I have not only read but I have re-read multiple times.

This is a concept that while people may try and imitate, they will never truly duplicate what Arne Schulenberg & Eric Wünsche, Photography: Jens Sundheim, Illustration: Patrick Soeder have taken to the next level.

There’s a saying that everyone has a double. There is a you in some parallel universe in which something is different. Our hero (in so many words), literally finds out that his double is a superhero in another similar world… The only downfall is that his ‘twin’ is dead. Now he must take up the mantle of Hero in a world while similar can be far deadlier than he could ever imagine.

With the help of friends and allies can our hero survive long enough to really fill in the shoes of himself? But, as you know it’s hard to fill into someone else’s shoes… No matter how hard you try.

That all being said, go read Union of Heroes in either German or English and either way you will truly enjoy a unique comic that has an engaging story, memorable characters and a website that is really well made.