Hey All! We’re back with another anniversary and another yearly Tournament! We have episodes 201 – 275 battling it out on a week by week basis, winner moves onto the next round. Please make sure to scroll down as Round 2 has 13 Brackets!

Round 2 starts Sunday August 11, 2013 – Friday August 16, 2013
Semi-Finals starts Sunday August 18 – Friday August 23, 2013
Finals starts Sunday August 25 – Friday Sept 2, 2013

*UPDATE* – Like in previous Tournaments, the non-winnner of Round 2 with the Most Votes, moves onto the Semi-Finals if there is an odd number of combatants.

Due to the Social Plugin for Voting that’s used you can only vote once per round. However, get active and have your friends vote by sharing this page.

Tie: If there is a Tie, then Saturday will be the tie-breaking Vote day for that Bracket.
Cheating: If there are discrepancies in the votes, or if there is cheating of any kind, that combatant will be eliminated.

Bracket 1
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Bracket 2
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Bracket 3
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Bracket 4
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Bracket 5
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Bracket 6
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Bracket 7
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Bracket 8
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Bracket 9
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Bracket 10
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Bracket 11
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Bracket 12
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Bracket 13
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