They say that the first step to recovery is admiting you have a problem. I have something to admit. I’m addicted to webcomics. There I said it. Recently Karl Kleese from Willow’s Grove correctly guessed the quote of the day and as I promised here is his spotlight.

Space, the final frontier. When you normally hear that phrase you immediately think, alright Star Trek is on. Woo! But with Karl you are treated to a wonderful story from the beginning with two friends walking in the woods when lo and behold they happen upon a strange platform.

Before they know what hit them they are whisked away with Earth receding behind them rapidly.

Between learning the technology of the ship, a sentient one at that and the fact that they can create anything they desire, they realize that not only do they have each other (and the android representation the ship created); they are still far, far from home and want to get back no matter what the cost.

The questions you immediately ask yourself is: Why is this happening? What will become of the characters? Personally all questions are being answered, in time and that’s one you will have to read through and say once you reach the end of the updates: Kaaarrrrlllll!

When you first load up Willow’s Grove you’ll notice the uber-clean and dark, inking that Karl has done on the comic. Truly well done, he takes the time and effort to make this comic look great.

The website loads quickly and the comics are well done. There is also a store with some items to purchase and the forum is down on the website, but other than that you can keep track of his twitter, vote for him on WCP and a few other sites he’s listed at.

Take the time to twitter Karl Kleese and tell him what you think of his webcomic: Willow’s Grove. Don’t forget to RSS feed it as well, you’ll be glad that you did.

To summarize, it’s a mixture of humour, action and friendship rolled into one bundle o’webcomic.  There’s a bit of a twist that I won’t spoil for you in the comic so far. For now I’ll just say: They’re here already! You’re next! You’re next, You’re next…!