It’s hard to believe that it’s been a while since we’ve had our first episode but it’s because of the fans like yourselves that make this a great show. So, we brought back a blast from the past. We said that you should watch out for this author and she has yet to disappoint. Emy Bitner from Trying Human returns to TGT!

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Frumph, IntroducingEmy, DrunkenFools, Argonsassistant, MikeLeuszler, Willows_Creek, TenguGemini, Astra, SereTuscumbia, skies, Tyhnu, Scratillion2, HeadaSPLODE, Pocky, theHAL, cesarin, Aron, Zoezicka, camellian, chiba37, Guest 3 – 18

Various Website links: – Trying Human – Trying Human Etsy Store! – Emy Bitner and Trying Human Mogulus – Emy Bitner Deviant Art – Trying Human Live Journal – Yuri the Only One – Emy Bitner’s Twitter account – Budd Hopkins Emy Bitner’s goto for Alien Lore – Also for more Alien lore – Emy Bitner Blog – Webcomics: What’s Cooking?

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