To start off December: Rampage Network month; in this the nineteenth episode of TGT, we have a man that is no stranger to the strangeness of magic. He is Barry Linck the author behind the magician for hire. Fighter of Daemons. Hero of all magics. Drawer of comics since the age of six.

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Quote from Barry Linck about the Podcast:
” Kurt and Phil were a blast. They made me feel at ease and comfortable during my first interview for anything!

We had fun, I was able to share my perspective on the work I do, and get input from people who actually read my comic!

I will definitely check back to their podcasts and return as a guest anytime!”
Barry Linck; Author of Phineus: Magician for Hire

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Frumph, Phinmagic, Justicejr, Adam “Duncebot”, Eben07, DungeonWarden, KevinDecker, Caspell Worldwide, Guest 5 / 6

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