Continuing with the Influential Women of Webcomics theme Month of December we are deviling into a world filled with zombies and those that are just trying to survive. With an amazing sense of futuristic reality, we’ll be speaking with Jenny Romanchuk from The Zombie Hunters. Stock up on your hedge trimmers, baseball bats and any weapons you can find we’re going deep into the Zone.

Special Guest Co-Host of the evening is Jules Rivera from Marsh Rocket! Also, Rose Loughran from Red Moon Rising joined as well.

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– Sluggy Freelance
– Gunner Krieg court – Rose Loughran – Rosa and the Horse Prince – Dave the Author is an awesome guy – Evil Diva comics

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  1. Red Moon Rising | Page 114

    […] I made a small appearance on the TGT Webcomics podcast a little while ago, tagging along during an interview with Jenny Romanchuk of The Zombie Hunters. […]

  2. zcotty

    Looking forward to this one. From what I’ve seen of The zombie hunters it looks good. And zombies ARE NOT my thing so that’s saying a lot.