Katherine Curtis, Kat Curtis is known as “The Naked Nerd” she’s interviewed a many wonderful people like Kevin Smith, Gail Simone , Danielle Corsetto, Lar deSouza and Ryan Sohmer to name a few. We get to talk about her love of strong female comic characters, being a vegan and her faithful minions

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Kat Curtis, Threk (minion #1), Scorv (minion #2), George Ward (Dungeon Legacy), Dr. San Juan (Callous Comics)

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  1. Threk

    Woohoo Minion #1

    What’d you say Scorv? You need my address to send a congratulations card? uhhh sure no problem. Did I mention that I’d just moved to ….. umm Paraguay…. yup Paraguay. Of course I speak Paraguayanese who would move to a country without learning the language first?