Rob Archer talks about his life, Lost Girl, Defiance and Adam Sandler’s newest film Pixels. He answers a fan’s question, talks in-depth through some deep questions about himself, the industry and much more. All the while being an amazing guest for fans at Super Summer Comic Con 2 as a last minute guest of huge proportions. Happy Birthday Rob! You don’t look a day over

Happy Birthday to Two Geeks Talking
This interview marks the 8th Anniversary of Two Geeks Talking. I’ve been doing this show pretty much solo since 2008 and without the support, shares, likes and social media tweets and re-tweets, I wouldn’t have continued for as long as I have. That being said: Thank you and take the time to Subscribe to all media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Patreon. I want to also thank the co-hosts throughout the years that have helped out in times and out of their own enjoyment.

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— Kurt