A man that never sits still. I met him in line at my first comic Convention at C2E2 2010. His friendliness and demeanor is similar to my own and he’s genuinely pleased to meet everyone he talks with. Trevor Mueller is also a man with many projects and talents. This time around we sat down and he talked for 4 hours and 15 minutes about The Temple of a Thousand Tears, Reading with Pictures and soooo much more.

Honour, Deception, Loyalty, Faith and Gods all have something in common with our next guest’s webcomic… The Temple of a Thousand Tears by author Trevor Mueller. Temmo kai-kai so ni shite morasazu – “Justice has long arms”

Also, Trevor has made claim that he seeks to break the illustrious record of Eldon Cowgur from Astray 3 – that’s two and a half plus one hours of straight talking… can he do it? Tune in to find out!

Special Guest Co-Host is Alan Evans from Rival Angels

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